Spiros Gratsias

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Unyielding Destiny: A New York Mafia Crime Story

After becoming an orphan, Frank was adopted by Don Cabineri, an Italianmafia boss and the head of one of the most powerful crime families in New York.Groomed from an early age to eventually become the Don of the Cabineri Familyhimself, Frank’s real nature, however, proves to be selfless and altruist. The roads of life we choose to take all lead to a destiny that is written in the stars if we learn to read them. Can we control our fate? What drives our decisions?

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Rootless Roots

Spiros Gratsias’ book Rootless Roots builds a multidirectional dialectic. A combination of art and words create a communication hub between reality and imagination. This means that the figurative range of every section – of every “step” in the course of the “brotherhood” which he has invented – extends by variable vectors beyond its primary narrative area. The core values of friendship, brotherhood, humanism which Gratsias’ millennia old entities uphold, are not one dimensional notion but emerge out of a dialectic relationship between opposites: violence and conciliation, love and hate, understanding and delirium.

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Based on actual heroes who gave their lives in order to fight the dark evil that Hitler’s Nazism represented, The C ENIGMA explores the premise that each and every one of us has the personal responsibility to fight for freedom, justice, and the forces of good. An individual’s actions can have a drastic impact on the outcome of any battle, war, or campaign.

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