“This fast-paced thriller in the vein of Dan Brown may prove a guilty pleasure for those intrigued by the Third Reich’s fascination with magic and relics.
The C ENIGMA, the fast-paced debut from Spiros Gratsias, draws from the annals of history and mythology to relate a modern mystery thriller in the tradition of Dan Brown. It’s a swift and enjoyable read. Though it jumps from era to era, delivering pieces of the story via players on both sides of religious and moral conflicts, The C ENIGMA is a quick and enjoyable read. Gratsias employs elements from the religious thriller gender with efficacy, elevating rumors to grand truths and facilitating a gripping showdown between forces of good and evil.”

Spiros Gratsias was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Spiros is an engineer, designer, artist, illustrator, screen and fiction writer. He is the screenwriter of the award-winning short film animation “Inverse” based on a story from his book Rootless Roots. He has also written the historical fiction The C Enigma published on Amazon in 2014 and has just published his latest novel Unyielding Destiny a crime fiction. In his other life, he is a Research and Development executive with over forty years’ experience in the aerospace and consumer goods industry. Spiros lives in Athens, Greece and devotes much of his time to painting, illustrating and writing.

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