About Me

Ο Σπύρος Γρατσίας , με καταγωγή από τη Νάξο γεννήθηκε και μεγάλωσε στο Μόντρεαλ του Καναδά από Έλληνες γονείς όπου και σπούδασε Μηχανολόγος Μηχανικός. Έχοντας κάνει μια μακρά καριέρα στην αεροναυπηγική αποφάσισε να επιστρέψει στη χώρα της καταγωγής του, την Ελλάδα, όπου ζει και εργάζεται μέχρι σήμερα σε βιομηχανία καταναλωτικών προϊόντων. Στον ελεύθερο χρόνο του ασχολείται με τη ζωγραφική και τη μελέτη της ιστορίας. Το Σκιές Αίματος εκδόθηκε αρχικά στην αγγλική γλώσσα με τον τίτλο The C ENIGMA και αποτελεί την πρώτη συγγραφική του εργασία.

Welcome to my OFFICIAL website! I’m author Spiros Gratsias, a native of Montreal, Canada, born to Greek immigrants. I moved back to Greece twenty years ago and have been living here ever since. I have a master’s degree in manufacturing technology and thirty-five years’ experience in the aerospace and consumer goods industries. As an amateur painter and dedicated student of history, I truly believe that in combination painting and history for me has been a lifetime path of discovery and the vehicle that led me to a new need of expression: writing!


“Every now and then one paints a picture that seems to have opened a door and serves as a stepping stone to other things.”
Pablo Picasso

I have published two books since 2014 and hope to continue this new journey of expression.

The C ENIGMA (Historical Fiction) – Published 1 Aug 2014


The C Enigma Amazon Book Link (Original English Version)

ΣΚΙΕΣ ΑΙΜΑΤΟΣ (The C Enigma – Greek Translation)

Off course our life and what is happening around us inspires our creativity in what ever form we choose to express it, therefore; The Global Economic crisis, wars, uncontrolled poverty and hunger, fanatical self-destruction and most importantly the public opinion control systems.

Our only weapon in defending ourselves, our families and society is to have as must knowledge us possible in order to decide what we should accept and what we should challenge.

But how do we know what is true and what is a lie? How do we defend ourselves?

There is only one weapon, KNOWLEDGE of history!

Everything that is happening today has happened in the past…..

I do not dare to pretend that I know who and what is pulling the strings of our collective destiny but I do know that knowing our world history is important in molding our future.

As a single individual I control my believes and have the power to make up my own mind about my future. This was the primary motivation that drove me in writing a historical fiction. My objective was simple, make people ask why and stimulate them into investigating as single individuals the truth!

Remember that in a democracy one single vote is enough to save or destroy a society.

Thank you very much for checking out my website and hope you check out my work.


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